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5 Reasons to Choose Yuante WPC Decking for Your Project

1.Yuante Decking is Low-Maintenance
Unlike standard timber decking, Yuante decking never needs to painted, stained, or sealed. Furthermore, since the boards are Anti-UV and Waterproof, your deck will last for decades without warping or rotting. Aside from the occasional wash, Yuante decking requires no maintenance whatsoever, leaving you with plenty of free time to enjoy your outdoor living space!
2.Yuante Decking Resists Heat and Fade
Our decking comes in a variety of styles and colours, but no matter which of our products you choose, your deck boards will stay rich, vibrant and naturally beautiful for years to come – with virtually no maintenance required, as mentioned above. The boards will also stay cool to the touch, even on the hottest summer days; this is due to the highly reflective pigments that are used to colour all Yuante decking products. 

Yuante decking products unlike traditional wood, it is splinter-free, so you can feel free to relax and kick off your shoes. Our safe, high-performance products are great for pubs, cafés and restaurants with their own outdoor areas, and because Yuante decking has a slip-resistant surface, it is also ideal for pool decks and spa surrounds.
Bad weather can be rough on a garden deck; hot summers, cold winters, and rainy days often leave wooden deck boards warped and full of splinters. Yuante decking, on the other hand, will stay beautiful no matter what the weather throws at it – our manufacturing process ensures long-lasting quality, which is why all of our decking products come with a limited 25-year warranty (15 years for commercial installations).
5.Increases the Value of Your Home
Another great reason to add Yuante decking to your property? It will significantly increase that property’s value! It will also serve as an additional selling point if you do choose to move away; potential buyers will be bowled over by your beautiful deck, especially when you tell them how little maintenance it requires!


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